Real Racing HD

Real Racing HD for iPhone

iPad racing at its best in this classy driving sim

Real Racing HD is a racing game for iPad which delivers a high-octane, realistic driving experience.

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  • Excellent graphics and smooth animation
  • Five different game modes
  • Online or local multiplayer
  • 'Skin' cars with your own images
  • Lots of courses


  • Lacks officially-licensed cars


Real Racing HD is a racing game for iPad which delivers a high-octane, realistic driving experience.

Multiple game modes

The game includes a challenging Career mode featuring three tracks, Quick Race mode, and Time Trial. Real Racing HD also boasts excellent multiplayer capabilities, facilitating races between up to six people locally over WiFi.

You can play online against players from around the world via Game Center (up-to four players at once), even getting the chance to join an online league.

Slick controls

The control system in Real Racing HD is refined yet simple. You control the vehicles simply by titling the device left and right to steer, and tapping the screen to brake. You don't need to worry about gears or acceleration because this is all done automatically. You can even turn on braking assistance so the game does that for you too!

That's not to say Real Racing HD is easy though, and you'll need all the help you can get because the action is so fast you don't have time to think. All of your concentration must go into hitting the corners at the right angle and steering through the bends with precision at high speed.

Plush 3D graphics

The 3D graphics in Real Racing HD are astonishing, and wouldn't look out of place on a PlayStation or XBox. The impression of speed you get is very realistic, as are the roaring engine sound effects.

The real deal

Real Racing HD is one of the all-time classic driving games for iOS. If you like this version be sure to check out Real Racing 2 and Real Racing 3, too.


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Real Racing HD


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